Backyard Feature: Blue Stone Patio & Curved Bench

How do you make the most of your outdoor space on a San Francisco lot? We helped one client open up her backyard space by removing an intrusive deck and replacing it with an inviting arc-shaped bench. Thanks to the designs of Robert Frear Architects, an area that was not inviting before now welcomes an afternoon read or a gathering of friends.

In a home with many right angles, the curved bench helps to bring the backyard together. Blue stone covers the patio and bench seat, adding an exceptional touch of color and elegance. This material (shown in True Blue Flame Finish) is very consistent in color, thickness and texture, making for a high quality natural product.


 Setting the brick foundation


Curved stone seat and curb were hand-cut and finished by artisan on-site


 All joints were grouted for final finish


Finished blue stone patio and curved bench. Planted by Strata Landscape Architects.


How do you make more space in a city backyard? Tell us in your comments below!