Benefits of an Ipe Wood Deck

We recently re-sealed an ipe deck for a past client and were reminded how much we like this durable material. Take a look at the transformation a little sealant can bring to a sun-bleached deck, and read below to find out more about the benefits of ipe wood.

Ipe deck before refinish

Ipe wood before refinishing

refinishing ipe wood

Benefits of FSC Ipe

Jeff King & Company only uses FSC Ipe, which is a sustainably harvested hardwood from the Brazilian rainforests. Its dense cell structure makes it naturally resistant to insects, rot, molds, decay, and even fire. These natural defenses mean ipe does not need to be pressure-treated with preservatives, toxins and chemicals like some other decking materials. The US Forest Products Laboratory gives ipe the highest durability rating, defining it as a 25 year + material, however, ipe has been known to last up to 100 years with the proper deck oil treatments.

Ipe deck after refinishing

Maintaining an Ipe Deck

Because ipe is a very dense wood, it is also extremely strong and withstands daily use without splintering or checking. If you like the silver patina that comes with sun-bleaching over time, it’s perfectly fine to leave your ipe deck unsealed. However, to preserve the original reddish-brown color of the wood, use a sealant and re-finish the deck each year. In this case we kept labor costs down by applying oil directly to the ipe; for a deeper restoration we recommend lightly sanding the surface before applying the oil finish.

Are you interested in building a new outdoor deck? Does your ipe need to be re-sealed? We’re here to help!

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