Tune In for Jeff’s Talk “Architects: Building Your Business Around Them” at Remodeler’s Advantage

Remodelers Advantage Webinar


This March, Jeff is honored to present a webinar in the ongoing series “From the Business Leaders” hosted by Remodeler’s Advantage!

In his presentation, “Architects: Building Your Business Around Them,” Jeff will share tips and strategies for making the most out of collaborative design relationships. With 10 years under his belt as a Roundtables member and his current participation in a Mentor III Group, Jeff looks forward to sharing insight from his own company experience with fellow RA members. Topics will cover everything from choosing the right partners to establishing clear roles and expectations in the construction process for ensuring successful collaborations.

We invite RA members to join us March 13, 2014 at 11am to learn how architect-designed projects can maximize growth for your business. RSVP here!



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    • Mary Crivell
      4 years ago - Reply

      Hello, I am interested in finding an architect in the Seattle area whom you could recommend to design/build a new home for us similar to your beautiful 5th Street house. Can you help us?
      Much appreciated,
      Mary Crivell

      • Jeff King & Co
        4 years ago - Reply

        Mary, thanks for your compliments on our 5th Avenue project! I will email you directly with our recommendations for Seattle architects.