San Francisco Backyard & Roof Deck Remodel

It’s been a busy summer and our team is proud to unveil two outdoor spaces that offer unique experiences of urban living. Between this deluxe San Francisco backyard remodel and custom roof deck renovation, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next project.

San Francisco Backyard Remodel with Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Pit & Drop-In Spa

This Cow Hollow home had everything a family could ever want: three stories, a killer view of the Golden Gate Bridge and classic San Francisco neighborhood. However the home was missing one thing: a multipurpose backyard for outdoor cooking, lounging and entertaining. That’s where Jeff King & Company came in. We worked with the homeowners to turn a very basic deck and lawn into the perfect outdoor oasis in the middle of the city. While we were at it, we also upgraded the second and third story balconies into elegant feats of architecture.

San Francisco Backyard Remodel

To start, we consulted with architect David Kotzebue to design a circular flow from the deck seating and kitchen back to the fire pit and spa. We worked with the homeowners to bring their vision to life including a drop-in spa and outdoor kitchen with full BBQ, pizza oven, counter space and under cabinet storage.

Designer tip: Lead into the garden with stadium style stairs (that double as seating) across the deck’s full length.


Cost-Efficient Solution for a Drop In Hot Tub

The main deck, spa surround, fence, gate and kitchen cabinets are all ipe wood while bluestone garden steps lead to a matching fire pit deck. Because drop in spas are more complicated, we found a way to sink an above ground spa into the ground for the same effect. We built an extra large underground vault to fit the pool equipment and enclosed it with discreet ipe deck boards.

San Francisco Backyard Remodel with Concrete Fire Pit

Platform Concrete Fire Pit

We installed a stone Paloform fire pit while Dehn Bloom Design (who we partnered with for the Sea Cliff renovation) added a nice pop with bright blue furniture cushions.


Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven & Lynx Barbecue

Having a fire pit, pizza oven and BBQ in one space means a heavy draw on the gas lines. We sized them appropriately so all three appliances can be safely used at once.


The party-ready Lynx barbeque is outfitted with a stainless steel bendable spotlight and plenty of bluestone counter space for prepping food.


Juliet Balconies with Glass Railings

A big part of this project was revamping the Juliet balconies that overlook the backyard. What once looked like a welded steel fire escape is now an elegant set of glass, steel and wood construction overlooking the city. The 18 foot long balconies feel like they are floating thanks to glass railings.


To achieve safety standards and a minimal aesthetic at the same time, the whole assembly had to be supported by a steel understructure tied back into the building, then covered with ipe wood decking. This was a structural accomplishment of its own, and our expert team used smart engineering and fastidious craftsmanship to pull it off.




Custom Ipe Privacy Fence & Gate

To keep continuity of material, even the entry gate is made from ipe wood. Because this material is heavy, we found sturdy hinges and hardware that could hold up to the job in the long term.


Terra Rubina finished off the backyard with beautiful planting that will grow into a contemporary trellis.


From Pitched Roof to Penthouse & Deck


Just in time for the infamous fall sunshine, we just finished a second outdoor project overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Where there was once a peaked roof, we collaborated with ChrDAUER Architects to create a stairway leading up to a new penthouse, ipe deck and built-in banquette.

Christian describes the homeowner’s vision for the project:

“The clients and family are avid hikers, surfers, and sports enthusiasts. Their primary motivation was to create an outdoor family gathering space that better connected their lives to the natural wonders of the Golden Gate coastline. As their architect, it was a great pleasure to work with a client who has an appreciation for how the built environment can complement the natural, and we set out to design a solution that would celebrate this connection.”


San Francisco Roof Deck Remodel

The stained ipe wood is rich and warm against the scenic cityscape. As Christian puts it, “Our approach is always one of balancing materiality and spatial experience. This roof deck was designed as a foreground piece that sets the stage for the epic natural vistas and iconic sights of the Golden Gate.”


From a craftsmanship point of view, our greatest challenge was cutting the roof deck right into the middle of the house. We pulled apart and put together interior finishes across three stories to install structural steel all the way down to the foundations.


Stained Ipe Wood Palettes

We also brought creative solutions for the pre-fabricated ipe wood palettes, which tend to shrink and expand with the weather. With careful consideration of the joints and mitered corners, we created a geometric pattern that is pleasing to the eye.


Custom Interior Staircase with Wood Treads

The homeowners once climbed through a bedroom window to enjoy the view from their pitched roof. Now they have a beautifully crafted staircase leading to the family-friendly penthouse androof deck.



New Penthouse to Access Roof Deck

When it comes to design, Christian also had his work cut out for him: “Our largest challenge was to create a refined space that could withstand exposure to the rugged coastal elements of the San Francisco region. We relied on thorough architectural detailing, quality materials, and of course the indispensable craftsmanship of the builder.”

Are you planning a San Francisco backyard remodel or roof deck renovation? Get more ideas from our outdoor spaces portfolio.


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