Our Sea Cliff Remodel is Featured in Modern Luxury Interiors California

Modern Luxyr Interiors Summer Fall 2016

Jeff King & Company is proud to be featured in the latest issue of Modern Luxury Interiors California for our recent Sea Cliff renovation with Dehn Bloom Design. Pick up the Summer/Fall 2016 issue to find out how we customized the home to the family’s East Coast roots and love of sailing. We even found creative ways to make the space more comfortable and functional for an exceptionally tall dad (6’8) and 14-year-old son (6’2 and counting!). Our client ties it up nicely with this:

“I put a lot of trust into Allison, Jeff, Sean and their teams,” recalls the homeowner, “and the process was such a joy for me. I never dreamed of living in such a beautiful house, and I am just so grateful.”


Modern Luxury California 1


Modern Luxury California 2


Modern Luxury California 3

Thanks to Allison Bloom and her team at Dehn Bloom Design for a wonderful collaboration. View the full story coverage here.





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