Art Opening at Y2Y Gallery in Jeff King & Co!

Y2Y Gallery and Jeff King & Company present Cymaglyph Vizwrap: Visual Alchemy of Matthew E. Jones. Following the traditions of our yearly winter light show, Matthew will exhibit a combination of 2D media and digital projections that activate the interior of Y2Y Gallery with moving color and texture.

Projection Show by Matthew E. Jones
Opening Reception: February 9th, 2012 from 6-8pm
Nightly projections through March 9th from 5-10pm



Cymaglyphic Vizwrap is a play on cymatics: the study of visible sound and vibration. When looking at the world, imagine for a moment that everything is a snapshot in time where all events in one field of view (including the table, chair, desk, ceiling fan, and coffee cup) are just clouds of atoms that will eventually crumble and fall to pieces. Within this mindset, we harness more power as individual parts of a cloud of time than as physical bodies stuck in a space/time sandwich. The tantric mantra is the same as the 3D printer, codifying what is already there, allowing form to emerge from chaos.

A cymaglyph is a term to describe the impressions left in our modal phenomena of cymatics. These glyphs, or drawings, may invoke a feeling or a thought. With my artwork, I am trying to discover what I have hidden from my own conscious mind. Through my private sketches, I am able to hear the words I draw as feelings. This led me to project the glyphs in literal terms, just as one may project his feelings onto others. I am using advanced computer logic to trace these scanned illustrations, making the resulting image a bit more contrived but still human enough.

Through the use of video projectors and advanced spatial mapping software, these computer-altered drawings take on the role of Plato’s “demiurge,” shifting the focus from the inventor/scientist onto the artist/spiritualist. As the study of cymatics rubs off onto the more traditional views of physics and geometry, we will be awarded a greater boost in confidence that we are indeed the creators of life. We will be clued in that the symbols are more than meets the eye; they do indeed hold great value.

We hope to see you Thursday, February 9th for the opening of Cymaglyph Vizwrap! This event is free and open to the public.

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