Details for Her: Custom Cabinetry for Shoes, Jewelry & More

How do you make a small home feel spacious? Custom built-in cabinetry is a great place to start.

Custom Cabinets in San Francisco

Our two newest remodels have a place for everything: shoes in their dedicated closet, hang-dry delicates in their linen cabinet, necklaces in their jewelry drawer and bathroom mirrors in their wall-mounts. Scroll through for more bathroom and closet details designed just for her.

Built-In Shoe Rack

When you take pride in your shoe collection, why not put it on display? This small closet is lined wall-to-wall with shelving specially made for heels and handbags.


custom cabinets san franciscoThe top shelf is left open for convenient storage of purses and other accessories.

high heel shoe rackHeels hook perfectly over this wood panel to keep them in neat lines


Built In Shoe ClosetCustom cabinets in San Francisco for shoe storage


Pull-Out Shoe Rack

To conserve closet space, pull-out racks are an easy way to store a whole shoe collection. This homeowner has side-by-side cabinets with three shoe drawers each, easily holding up to 48 pairs of sneakers, sandals and heels.

Shoe Rack Drawers


Custom Cabinets San Francisco: Shoe Drawers

Pull-Down Clothes Rack

Hanging space can be doubled in tall closets with with a pull-down clothes rack. When fully upright, the top rack fits in line with the bottom rack and can be enclosed by cabinet doors. A long handle hangs within arm’s reach for pulling the top rack down to eye level.

Pull Down Clothes RackThe racks stack on top of each other for efficient storage


Pull Down Hanging Rack The top rack can be pulled down for easy access

Hang-Dry Linen Closet

The hallway between the guest room and master bedroom is outfitted with a tiny but highly practical laundry station. Instead of setting up a hanging rack for her many delicate items, the homeowner can stick them right in the linen closet to air dry. A circulation vent and water drain allow clothes to dry on their hangars both quickly and out of sight.


wash hang dry rack


Jewelry Drawer

One of the best ways to reduce clutter is to build in dedicated space for jewelry and other keepsakes. This unit includes five cubbies for storing jewelry, personal items or clothing. A lined jewelry drawer keeps necklaces and bracelets tangle-free in one accessible location.


Built In Jewelry Drawer

Built In Jewelry DrawerTo double as a phone charging station, add an outlet to any cubby!

Bathroom Details: Natural Light & Mirrors

In this master bedroom, double sided mirrors are disguised as medicine cabinets. The swinging mirrors are perfect for filtering the morning light while getting ready for work.


medicine cabinet mirror


Keeping everything in its place can be easier said than done when you’re a working mom or traveling professional living in a city home. Cabinetry that is customized to your wardrobe, routines and lifestyle make all the difference for maintaining a tidy space that functions beautifully for your needs.

When it comes to custom cabinets in San Francisco, what day-to-day storage are you looking to design, hide or optimize? Tell us in the comments!