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The Best of Interior Design: San Francisco Edition

When it comes to interior design, San Francisco is known for the defining work of mainstay firms like ScavulloDesign. Back in 2012 we talked with Barbara Scavullo herself about design inspiration, client experience and current trends; and now her team has a big announcement. ScavulloDesign is going through an exciting evolution as Barbara hangs her hat and two talented leaders step up to take her place: Janine Aurichio as Chief Operating Director and Marysia Rybock as Chief Creative Director. We chatted with the new leadership team to hear their vision for ScavulloDesign, how the two directors compliment each other and what projects have them jumping out of their seat this year.

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Jeff King: Congrats on your new roles at Scavullo Design! It’s amazing you’ve been carrying on this tradition for three decades. What inspired the recent evolution in leadership?

Janine Aurichio: Barbara had been stepping back for some time now so it was a natural progression. Both Marysia and I have been working with her for a number of years and have always connected with what she was doing, so we were hopeful about this possibility.

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In your eyes, what has ScavulloDesign traditionally stood for? What will you carry on from Barbara Scavullo’s original vision?

Marysia Rybock: Barbara is incredibly gracious and stays very well connected. When she was designing, she was a great editor, really challenging the designs so they were unique for the client and not what everyone else was doing.  I personally learned so much from her in that sense: to push the boundaries, show people the unexpected (in most cases to their delight), stay connected within our industry and with groups that have a shared passion and not take anything too seriously. It’s good to smile and keep the humor alive in this industry.

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As the new leadership team, what is your vision for the company going forward?

MR: Our vision is to carry forward the graciousness that Barbara engendered. We love working with individuals who value quality and enjoy the design process. It creates a perfect environment for us to bring our core desire to light: creating sanctuaries as refuge from the outside world.

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JA: Marysia and I are committed to connection; it’s part of what makes us both tick. So we will continue to prioritize connecting with our peers, vendors and clients. We both lead with our hearts and this comes through in all our interactions, whether it’s our annual Bowling Party, the relationships we form with clients and team members or our involvement with local non-profits.

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Marysia, As the new Chief Creative Director, how will your creative vision impact the direction of the company?

MR: As a longtime admirer of the classical architecture of Europe and the playfulness of contemporary furniture, I have an eye for fusing traditional with modern design. Having lived in both Seattle and Northern California, I’m also drawn to the broad array of colors and textures found in the beautiful environments of the West Coast. As Creative Director, I’m absolutely going to hold these as a primary focus for the creative direction of the Studio.

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Janine, we don’t usually see design firms with a Chief Operating Director, and we hear your role is especially customer centric. What is unique about your contribution and why does it matter to your clients?

JA: You’re right, it is unique, and we believe it is a significant point of difference. Our team members have told us so! My focus on the operations side of the business has several advantages:

  1. It allows the designers to design and stay inspired.
  2. Marysia and I come at problems from different perspectives for better solutions.
  3. Our Studio truly has a balanced, comprehensive, A-Z approach to projects.
  4. Having a leader committed to process ensures that projects stay on track, we all stay sane and the entire team is happy.

With our complimentary backgrounds in interior design and business, Marysia and I bring both a left and right-brained approach to the Studio that fosters imagination, growth, trust and compassion.

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What can clients and collaborators expect going forward – what types of projects are you focusing on?

We will continue our commitment to bespoke residential projects. There is immense satisfaction working with a collaborative team that respects what each person brings to the table (client, contractor, architect and subs). The result is design that is fitting with the architecture and the client’s desires.

Additionally, our 5-year vision includes taking on boutique hospitality projects. High-end residential design translates so well to this niche. We can imagine commercial spaces that feel like home and make you not want to leave!

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What projects have you jumping out of your seat this year?

We’re working with a great team on combining two penthouse condos into one incredible unit in a boutique building at the base of Coit Tower. The client has been very collaborative and pushed us all to the edges of our creativity. It’s going to be a gracious jewel box with amazing views that will offer refuge from the chaos of the city.

We are also super excited about partnering with La Casa de las Madres, a San Francisco organization that responds to calls for help from domestic violence victims of all ages 24/7/365. The entire Studio is passionate about sharing our talents to help create a safe and happy space for families in crisis.

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All in all, what do you want clients and collaborators to know about the “new” Scavullo Design?

Most importantly, our core desire is to create a refuge from the outside world for our clients and their families: a sanctuary where they can regenerate and recharge. We use the classical principles of scale and proportion to imagine spaces that enrich people’s lives with the spirit of beauty, creating both personal havens and true reflections of how our clients live day to day.

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Thanks for the great conversation Janine and Marysia! See more stellar design work at Scavullo Design.