LED Lighting: The Cutting Edge in Green Building

A big part of our mission is to share knowledge that will help California residents maintain a more energy-efficient, green home. Today we highlight two excellent lighting products that will save your energy bill while maintaining beautiful light.

LED Lighting in Current JK&Co Remodel

Title 24 and Green Lighting

Lighting is one of the biggest opportunities for effective green construction. California boasts the most extensive energy building guideline in the country outlined by Title 24: the code that has saved $56 billion in electricity and natural gas costs since 1978. California regulations require high-efficacy lighting in all kitchens and bathrooms- and until recently, fluorescent lights were the only option. As lighting technology is rapidly advancing, we stay up to speed with the best brands and products to provide the most beautiful, effective, and low-cost lighting solutions to our clients. LED lighting is the cutting edge solution for energy-saving lights with a very high quality of light and functional designs. Here are our two favorite LED products currently on the market:

EST (Energy Saving Technologies) LED Under Cabinet Strip Lighting

EST M 110 Standard LightBar Series

EST (Energy Saving Technologies) produces great LED under cabinet strip lighting that comes in several formats. It has an extremely low profile and can be tucked into areas where fluorescent lights don’t fit. The aesthetic is crisp and clean so that one does not have to look directly into the infrastructure of the lighting to enjoy its warm-white light. These lights are also dimmable and are offered in 2700k and 3500k temperatures – 4100k is most similar to natural daylight. We are currently installing EST under cabinet strip lighting in three remodels with great results.

CREE LR4 and LR6 Recessed Light Can Fixtures

Cree LR4

When it comes to ceiling lights, we prefer the commercial recessed light can fixtures by the LED Diode manufacturer, CREE. With multiple trim options and temperature readings, we prefer the LR4 and LR6 commercial line. These LED lights are dimmable and energy-efficient while the long-lasting bulbs reduce the need for lighting maintenance. We have already installed CREE LEDs in several homes and each client has been extremely pleased with the soft, diffused light produced by this environmentally friendly solution.

CREE LR6 (Behind the Lens)

We hope this green lighting LED tutorial has given you a few ideas for improving your home in 2011!