Ode to the Inner Richmond

Ten years ago, Jeff decided to set up shop at 251 Balboa Street because it was walking distance from his house. The office had only two desks at that time and Jeff seized the opportunity to fill all that empty space with art. He started Y2Y Gallery to stay connected to the art world by showcasing local artists in quarterly exhibitions.

We’ve had a good run at our Balboa & 4th Ave office space and now it’s time to grow into bigger and better things. As we pack our boxes for the new Jeff King & Company home on Geary & Larkin, our staff looks back on 10 years in the Inner Richmond and all the good times we had here.

Our First Exhibit: Artists in the Trades



The Furniture Show


Elaine Buckholtz



I’ll miss the ability to get a complete dim sum meal in 10 minutes, proximity to All Star Donuts and the (relatively) easy parking. I’m looking forward to walking to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and Bob’s Donuts! -Anonymous employee made not anonymous by eating habits giveaways

Staging Space


Sculpture by Tracy Snelling

I’m going to miss the delicious piroshki’s from Cinderella’s and being so close to Golden Gate Park to take my dog, Taco, when he’s here. I’m not going to miss the year-round winter weather! – Marci


Sculptures and drawings by Kathryn Kenworth

What will I miss? Arguello Market sandwiches, Velo Rouge Cafe, and Paradise Health Center. -Conor


Russo Jones Bipolar Music Experience

I will miss seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on my drive to the office, and being near Golden Gate Park and the Presidio and all of its trails. -Sandra

The Rich. Kids


I’ll definitely miss the easiest commute I’ve ever had—a two-mile walk through Golden Gate Park. Although my pup Charlie is looking forward to riding MUNI! -Kayron


Photographs by Joe Lindsay

I’ll miss having the quarterly art exhibits and walking to work. -Jeff


Paintings by Paul Hoek

Where the Magic Happens


The JK&Co sign at the corner of Balboa & 4th Ave was the beacon that led me to the company when I first moved to the city in 2011. I’ll miss the close proximity of the office to my apartment — when dropping in on the way home felt almost strangely natural. And lastly, as Marci already stated, it’s a tragedy that we must depart from the deliciousness that is the Cinderella Bakery. -Andy


Last but not least: our custom recycled douglas fir conference table built by Jeff King & Company carpenters

Our company has grown and evolved in so many ways since we first took up residence in this office space. Ten years later, we are excited to expand into a downtown location complete with roof deck, backyard space and storefront commercial rental (P.S. we’re still looking for that perfect tenant). Stay tuned for an office warming invitation soon.


A sincere goodbye from office pups Taco, Rocky & Charlie