How to Plan Your Remodel Project with DesignAssist

Abraham Lincoln is often credited with saying, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” In other words, getting everything in place before the actual work begins is half the battle. We understand that remodeling a home is both financially and emotionally demanding, that’s why we want to be your partner from the beginning of the process—to think through all potential problems, so construction starts with confidence.  At Jeff King & Company, we are pros at sharpening the ax.

DesignAssist is a unique process we developed that marries your design aspirations with your real-life house, budget, and schedule. By bringing us onto the project in the early pre-construction phase with your architect, the more value we can offer to the entire team, including: a strong tripartite relationship between the client, the design team(s), and the builder; accurate cost and schedule projections; and consulting on constructability and permitting at every phase.

Defining a Strong Tripartite Partnership

The relationship between client, architect, and builder can be thought of as a three-legged stool: to work properly, all three should be considered together from the beginning. Our exploratory process sets the stage for:

  • Fluid communication and a spirit of collaboration
  • Shared knowledge base about design intent and project expectations
  • In-depth understanding of client preferences, motivations, and desires
  • Clear outline of each party’s goals as guideline for solutions

Jeff’s strong background in fine arts and his commitment to creative excellence provides the groundwork for our dedicated and impassioned team, which gives our firm an aesthetic sensitivity beyond the average builder. Combined with decades of experience, this enables us to better understand our client’s motivations as well as the intent of the design team, to provide solutions that are in alignment with each party’s goals.

Accurate Cost and Schedule Projections

By joining the project early in the pre-construction stage, we’re able to review every design iteration to keep a close eye on cost implications and ensure everything stays within the client’s budget.

We do this by:

  • Understanding how design changes impact construction budget and schedule
  • Identifying alternate construction methods and assessing the pros & cons of each
  • Enabling the client to make informed decisions by outlining all of the options
  • Reducing the number of design revisions due to inaccurate cost assumptions

DesignAssist is a collaborative process that joins the architect’s design with our deep building knowledge to develop plans that are ready to be built within the client’s aspirations and budget.

Constructability Consultations

Our team’s collective, hands-on knowledge identifies potential obstacles from the beginning of the design process to end of the construction phase. Page turns with architects, site visits with subcontractors, and exploratory demolition are a few of the ways in which we consult on constructability, exploring all design options for cost savings, increased value, and easier building. Understanding all the opportunities before lifting a hammer means fewer changes along the way, more choices around budget, and a remodel experience that’s as seamless as possible.

Investing in DesignAssist for a Better Remodel

After decades in the business, we’ve developed these specialized systems and processes to identify potential issues before they arise. At its core, DesignAssist is an invaluable tool for creating a clear roadmap for your remodel—empowering all teams to do their finest work in order to deliver the best experience and a beautiful home for you.