Remodelista Calls on Jeff King as Radiant Floor Heating Expert

Radiant-Heating-Diagram-Sustainability-Workshop-RemodelistajpgImage via Sustainability Workshop

In its new article, “Remodeling 101: Five Things to Know About Radiant Floor Heating,” Remodelista calls on Jeff’s expertise to break down the nuts and bolts of radiant floor heating. Christina Chang Hanway highlights the pros of under floor heating:

“Not only does radiant floor heating keep your toes warm, but it ensures that the rest of your body will be kept at a comfortable temperature as well. Waves of infrared radiation rising from the floor warm up the building mass, insuring that heat isn’t lost to surrounding surfaces. In a conventional forced-air heating system, heated air (along with dust and allergens) rises to the ceiling and drops back down as its temperature lowers, making it difficult to keep your toes warm even if everything above your shoulders is boiling. ‘We experience pure warmth with radiant floor heating. As we heat up from our feet, we stay warmer at a lower temperature,’ says contractor Jeff King. Delivering heat and comfort efficiently, what’s not to love?”

Remodelista also references our own article on the subject, Radiant Floor Heating: Electric vs. Hydronic.

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