Jeff King Talks With

San Francisco Interior Designer Tineke Triggs

We are thrilled that we recently had the pleasure of chatting with Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living. Tineke’s work has been featured in countless design publications, she’s participated in four San Francisco Decorator Showcases, she’s won numerous design awards, and she recently unveiled MUZIEK, a new tile collection that highlights the Art Deco era. Her sophisticated, eclectic style reflects the inspiring marriage of her Danish background with her California lifestyle, which she brings to her clients’ homes.

How did you get your start in interior design? What influence did your background—growing up in Woodside with Dutch parents—have on your inspiration and style? 

I have always been interested in design and took architectural drafting but I did not put these skills to the test until I was fixing up my own apartment. . . I bought a two-unit building with another family who grew up in the construction industry and I learned a lot about interior remodel and design from them. Once I completed that project I was completely hooked on design and I started a full-time career as an interior designer.

My European modern style was certainly influenced by my Dutch upbringingit was all around me. We also spent a lot of time in Indonesia and that influenced my desire to design diverse styles of interiors and of mixing contemporary pieces with antiques.

Speaking of your style, how would you describe your personal interior design style?


What’s inspiring you lately? Any recent, exciting finds?

Most recently I’ve been having a lot of fun designing the interiors for my 1973 Air Stream. We completed gutted and redesigned the space and doing this has always been a dream of mine. (Editor’s Note: check out her Instagram page for photos of Roxy, her 1973 Air Stream!)

You’ve designed spaces for a diverse range of clientele—families, large and small; empty-nesters; bachelors—is there a particular type of client that really speaks to who you are as a designer?

My favorite types of clients are those who trust the creative process and allow us to take risks in the designs. The magic often happens just outside one’s comfort zone and it’s so rewarding to have clients who are willing to embrace the process.

What do you value most in your relationship with your clients?

Trust. It is so important that the clients know I have their back and am always looking after their best interests on a project.

When it comes to relationships with collaborators, what do you value most? What is your favorite part of that process?

I value the “can-do” attitude, especially when working together to solve problems. My favorite part of the process is when we turn ideas into reality.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with you recently on a large remodeling project for which you provided many custom features, including light fixtures, cabinetry, and stair handrails. Tell us about that: Why do you prefer custom over ready-made products? What are you looking for that can’t be found off the shelf?

I strive to give my clients something that no one else has. Custom pieces aren’t always more expensive, but they are more tailored and often so much better suited for a space. Each client and each space we design is unique and the pieces that go into those spaces need to be unique as well.

What are your thoughts on the future of design?

Innovation and new technologies are shifting the way we work. We will continue to use technology for visual tools and will rely on those tools more and more.

If you weren’t an interior designer, what would you be doing?

I wouldn’t be doing anything else. . . okay, maybe sitting on a beach and painting!

What’s your favorite hobby?

I have a few favorites: tennis, kickboxing, painting, and drawing.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Thanks so much, Tineke! We look forward to working with you again soon! To learn more about Tineke and ADL, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.