California Home & Design Highlights Our San Francisco Master Bath Remodel

San Francisco master bath remodel

Jeff’s Take on a San Francisco Master Bath Remodel

Our new collaboration with building Lab is featured on California Home & Design! Jeff talks about the builder’s role in residential remodel projects:

“Each project is unique and we do things as builders that the design team doesn’t. The builder has a very strong role in the comfort of a home, its durability, its feasibility and its constructibility. By understanding the needs of the client and how the client will use the home, we can help them manage their budget.”

California Home & Design honed in on this project’s shower stall tiles, which gave our craftsmen a chance to show their expertise. As Jeff puts it:

“The architect assumed we wouldn’t be able to do anything but a butt joint in the window sill where the tiles wrapped and I said, no, I’m pretty sure we can mitre that.” He goes on to explain: “I have clients who say, but you haven’t done traditional architecture, and I always counter with the point that it’s a lot easier to hide things under the molding. With zero molding finishes, you have to align everything just so. It can be really complicated.”

When describing this bathroom’s creative low-view windows, Jeff shares one of the golden rules of bathroom remodeling:

“Good lighting is really important in a bathroom. Anytime you can bring in natural light is outstanding. Overhead lighting isn’t enough.”

Click here for Jeff’s full interview on overcoming constructibility challenges, incorporating radiant floor heating and achieving perfect edges in this San Francisco master bath remodel.