Our Ultimate Roof Deck Project Is a Featured Case Study

Our award-winning ultimate roof deck project that was completed more than three years ago was recently given new press—in the form of a case study! To refresh your memory, this is a multi-level, 1,200 square foot roof deck. What makes it “ultimate?” For starters, it has a gourmet, stainless steel kitchen by Viking; a dining area with a full-size, 8-person dining table; a lounge area situated around a hard-piped Bento Paloform fire pit; and an upper terrace (nicknamed “the crow’s nest”) that overlooks the Marina. Throughout the deck’s porcelain-tile flooring we installed four walkable skylights from Glazing Vision.

Glazing Vision, a UK-based manufacturer of skylights, saw our project on our Instagram page and contacted us for more information. They were so impressed with the project, including the scope and all of the technical details, that they decided to write a case study to showcase how their US customers have used their walkable skylights.

Read the case study and see more pictures of the ultimate roof deck, here.